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Devon Tai Chi Centre offers easygoing, fun & interesting classes, that help to restore health, prolong life, reduces stress, heighten creativity and maintain a happy and relaxed attitude to life. IMPORTANT NEWS REGARDING THE CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK. It is my intention to avoid any potential infection by the coronavirus by stopping all classes with effect from Tuesday 17th March. In effect I choose to self isolate, and to wait until the virus has safely passed. Once this time is here, all classes will re-open, at the usual venues and normal times. We are living in unprecedented times, and strong action is required by all to combat the virus. Please stay safe and follow Government recommendations to keep yourselves and family/friends as safe as possible. I will update this website with a new starting date as soon as I can. It may be several weeks from now, but all information will be posted here. Many thanks for your patience and understanding. In the meantime I am developing tools to continue teaching online, further details will follow shortly for those who are keen to keep learning and developing their Tai Chi skills. Sifu Nick Taylor.

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Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi promotes good health & well being Strengthens the body, improves flexibilty Improves balance & co-ordination Is suitable for all ages & fitness levels Practiced daily by millions worldwide De-stress & relax the mind Helps to improve the digestive & respiratory organs Better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure Can have beneficial effects on bone health People who practice Tai Chi recognize its powerful effect on relaxation and concentration. It is a tool to help you cope with busy, modern-day lifestyles.

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