Devon Tai Chi Centre offers easy going, fun & interesting classes, that help to restore health, prolong life, reduces stress, heighten creativity and maintain a happy and relaxed attitude to life. Live streaming classes via ZOOM can now be found on my new site www.sifunicktaylor.com A new in-person daytime class is starting at the Alice Cross Centre on Thursdays, from July 8th, see the Find a Class page to get more information. Please note that I will be on annual leave from 16th - 31st August, no live classes during this period.

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Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi promotes good health & well being Strengthens the body, improves flexibilty Improves balance & co-ordination Is suitable for all ages & fitness levels Practiced daily by millions worldwide De-stress & relax the mind Helps to improve the digestive & respiratory organs Better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure Can have beneficial effects on bone health People who practice Tai Chi recognize its powerful effect on relaxation and concentration. It is a tool to help you cope with busy, modern-day lifestyles.

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